2 Reception

The reception of samples can take place in different ways depending on the software equipment of the centers of origin. For centers equipped with the DREAM software, it will be possible to take advantage of an automatic acquisition of patient data and the types of analysis required, otherwise it will be possible to manually enter the same data.
Entering the acceptance section you must first select the center of origin of the samples (1) and then click on the “New reception” button (2)

Depending on the center that you have selected, the possibilities of acquiring requests through automatic or semi-automatic procedures such as barcode, LAN network, Pendrive, DiskDrive on cloud or DreamLink, or through the manual procedure, will be activated or not in the next screen.

Note: It is possible that it is necessary to accept a sample that does not come from any of the set centers. In this case, it is possible to either add a new center or it is possible to accept the sample as coming directly from the laboratory in which we are located. In this case, you can fill in a request specifying the type of exams and entering the patient’s data.

Let’s now see the acceptance procedures starting from the manual one.

Let’s analyze the procedure in detail in the next chapter.



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