6 Automated reception – through the local network (LAN)

In the case of samples coming from centers where the DREAM software is installed, the automatic acceptance methods will also be available: via LAN, PenDrive or PenDISK. Let’s see them in detail.


Acceptance via LAN, when the laboratory and the center are close and connected by the data network, is the simplest and safest method.
When the center is enabled to accept sample, the option to choose reception via LAN will appear, indicated by the presence of the appropriate “TAB” that can be selected with the mouse.

We will first use the button to connect to the center software (1), then if we have the barcode reader we can use it to more easily identify the row in the list of samples to be acquired (2) corresponding to the sample of the printed prescription.

For each selected sample it is possible to check the required tests (3) and then add the sample to the list of accepted samples using the button with the green arrow (4).
Once accepted, the request will disappear from the list on the right to appear in the list of accepted samples on the left (1) (see following image)

The samples included in the reception list will be associated with the identification number (NID).
With the red button (3) with the trash can symbol it is possible to delete a sample from this list.
It is a good practice to check that the list that appears on the monitor is consistent with the requests on paper and especially with the samples we have received.
When we have completed reception of the samples, we can proceed with the “save” operation using the blue button at the bottom (2).

The lines indicating the recepted samples will become darker (in bold) and it will be possible to exit the procedure using the “HOME” key to return to the main screen.

It is absolutely necessary to save, otherwise the samples will NOT be accepted.
If you do not save the list or delete an accepted sample, it will be possible to repeat the acceptance, but in any case it will not be possible to use the same NIDs that will be generated again by the software.


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